PDX Pop Now!

Poster design & illustration, animated poster for event, t-shirt design and cd packaging for PDX Pop Now! Music festival in Portland, Oregon
Eugene Weekly Art Box
How to carry Bigfoot
The Existentialist Unicorn
Phobias II
Portland Bigfoot Hipster
Holiday Card 2014
Into the Woods
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Common Ground magazine
Notre Dame magazine
El Veterano
Birthday cards
Dirtrag table of contents
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The Wind Kept
Love for Sale
Artcrank 2012
TED-Ed "How we breathe"
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
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Happy Gifmas!
Chivas poster
Pisco Sour recipe
Oregon State University - Healthy Planet commercial
Playing card - 6 of diamonds
PDX Pop Now!
Finn Riggins posters
The Next Big Thing
Adidas - Celebrate Originality
The Stranger cover - Monsterbation
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Summer reading list
Artcrank 2011